Workshop : Public open spaces in Kathmandu Valley


Workshop “Public Open Spaces in Kathmandu Valley” was conducted on June 4-8th, 2019 in Patan and Kathmandu city. The broad aim of the workshop was to understand the nature of historical public open spaces in the valley cities and figure out ways to creatively represent the same. This intense field based workshop was conducted by Prof. Pratyush Shankar as part of the CITYLABS initiatives.

The open spaces in cities in Kathmandu valley are unique expressions of urbanity from the point of view of their public-ness and from the perspective of legible designs. Starting from the small courtyards in the compact housing (such as Bubahal in Patan) to the larger ones with Buddhist stupas and ending in the city level public open space such as the Durbar Square; these cities have developed a unique expression around the idea of open spaces.

See here the glimpse of Kathmandu workshop and the portfolio of students’ work.

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