Who are the Resource People?

The main resource person for all the workshops at City Labs is Pratyush Shankar.
We collaborate with expert resource people for different workshops.

Pratyush Shankar


Pratyush Shankar is a practicing architect and an academic. He was the acting Dean of Architecture at CEPT University, Ahmedabad , where he is presently an Adjunct Professor. He teaches Urban Theory and History, Design and Basic Design. In 2015, he was awarded the Alexander Von Humboldt Senior Fellowship in Germany and is a presently Guest Professor of Architecture at TU Dramstadt and Universität Bonn.

Pratyush has authored the book “Himalayan Cities” in 2013. He  is presently writing a book titled “History of Urban Form, India” for Oxford University Press.  Pratyush was awarded the JK Cement Architect of the Year Commendation Award for Residence Design category in 2013. He recently built his own studio in Baroda. You can know more about  his work at https://pratyushshankar.com/

Prof. Dr Seema Khanwalker was the co-faculty for “Writing Urban Histories” Workshop


Seema Khanwalkar is a Semiotician and a Social Scientist. She is adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Design and teaches across CEPT, IIM and NID. Her research interests include narrative cultures, design cultures and theoretical issues in Urbanity.

Dr Rohit Ranjitkar was the special expert for the Kathmandu Workshop.


Dr Rohit is the Nepal Director of KVPT (Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust). He is amongst the leading conservation architect in Nepal and has passionately pursued the conservation of variety of historic structures in Kathmandu valley. He has been leading the efforts at KVPT, with his immense experience, keen onsite knowledge and profound connection with the local community.

Snigdha Srivastava was the assistant for the kathmandu workshop


Snigdha Srivastava is a practicing architect with wide ranging interest in representation, history and literature. She has, over the years, while working on various design projects with Pratyush, developed a unique language of visual representations. She is fascinated by the question of representation, place for history and contemporary societal shifts in a post  global world. In short she is an avid comic buff and swears by Marvel!

Presently she is studying to be a Conservation Architect from SPA, New Delhi

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