What is City Labs?

The City Labs is a year long initiative to further our understanding of Indian cities. As part of the initiative, workshops and publications are planned on the themes of Writing Urban Histories, Dystopia and Utopian Imaginations, Urban Mapping and Representation , and Re-imagining Urban Infrastructures. City Labs wishes to create a body of work that is publicly accessible and can be used to bring about gradual change in the way we perceive and imagine our cities.

Goa Workshop Details

The workshop is an intensive five days of field work and presentations conducted in Goa.
Using urban morphology and civic architecture as the vehicles of analysis, the participants will learn to establish the correlation between larger ideologies and urban spatial structures.

Workshop : Writing Urban Histories

“Writing Urban History” was an intense , 5-day workshop conducted on 8th – 12th Dec’18 for learning how to conceptualize and narrate the historical evolution of Indian cities. During this workshop, participants were given theoretical inputs on key urban theories and were taught techniques they can use to create a framework for narrating urban histories of their cities. The focus was however remain in narrating the evolution of Urban Form.